We had a bunch of rain last night. It started about 3am and rained until 6am or so. Not sure if I ever told you but Moses hates storms. He gets all shivery and nervous. There is no way to calm him down except to go in a room without any windows and one where he can’t hear the thunder. The best room we found is the basement, but not a really good place at 3am to rest. Oh well we survived, but because of the mud I will not be able to take the photos I wanted.

Luna is finally shedding out and she has really roaned out. White hair everywhere on body where her winter coat has shed out. She looks so much like Fanny other than that. She has a little nicer hip, a longer neck and a smaller head, but over all very similar. You won’t believe it if I can ever get pictures.

I did manage to accomplish something last night as I finally got Joe’s State performances uploaded to you tube. Here they are:





Thanks for watching,