We were able to breed Roxy again on Thursday night late. Dr. Geiche’s son came and video taped the entire process for a school project and once it is done and posted to YouTube I will post it here for us all. We will check her back in 15 days and see if this time she took. Today Joe had his friends over for a Spanish project. For part of it they rode Fanny and I will post that one also when it is done though I won’t understand what they are saying. In addition Gretel is bringing her horse to our farm this weekend. I haven’t seen the horse yet, but maybe she will post a picture for us.

The band field trip went very well and there were no problems. The band ended up winning the highest award, and the sad part was since they were the last band to play very few people were there to see it. Luckily I was able to video tape it for you to see.  (The singer is Maddie who you might recognize as Joe sang with her last year at state). The next big thing for the band is the state competition in two weeks and next year Disney World. Now that will be a trip.

Still no softball games for Sarah and it looks like they might be rained out this entire week also. Joe has his Choir concert tomorrow which I will video tape if I get my camera back from the Spanish project in time.

Thanks for watching,