So many things have happened here since my last post. Some big news some less important. Both Joe and Sarah were home for Spring break. It was great to see them. They both are loving college and doing very well. Joe got excepted into the London School of Economics for summer school so he will be gone this summer in July. Drew finished up his Little Mermaid play and we had the cast party at out house. The karaoke was a hit with all of them of course and everyone brought food. Drew as the prince kissed Ariel 14 times as a couple extra shows were added and they were entirely sold out. Joe joined a serviced fraternity at his college and is more busy than you can imagine. Drew had solo and ensemble this past weekend. He did really well and is going to the state competition in three events. The sax choir, his sax solo and his singing solo. Here are some links for you.

Horse wise the big news is that Flash has a testicle. As you might recall a couple years ago we had him vet checked, blood tested and ultra sounded to insure that he did not have any testicles. The vet was obviously wrong as sometime this winter his status has changed. He was becoming increasing interested in the mares around the farm and sure enough he was becoming finally a stallion. We will need to geld him as he is till missing a testicle and we want to make sure this trait is not passed on. You might remember that Annie his mother only had one ovary so we think that is where the issue came from all though all of the other foals have been fine. Ivy has been also growing and has been pulling a cart. She is doing great. We also got one more boarder a moriesian a Mogan and Friesian mix. The two ponies are also here so we are pretty full. We did also get one more outdoor streaming camera up and running on flash. This is a new IP camera and I really love how it looks. I also worked flash in the arena a bunch of times as a guy from Indiana was interested in him. Now that he is a stallion he is not interested but here is the video.

We did have one bit of sad news also my aunt Virginia passed away a couple weeks ago. I was able to go with my parents to the funeral in Illinois and Sarah came along also. Everyone including myself keep getting older every year. Give the ones you love a little extra hug tonight.

I think that is about it. Thanks for watching,