2016-11-06-18-36-36Well November just flew by. We did an amazing amount of things. As October ended Joe flew home and it was great to see him. He is doing really well. It sounds like he might be able to graduate with a bachelors degree in December a year from now. He is trying to decide if that is the best option or if it would be better to stay one more year and end up getting his masters so he can take his CPA. He will be home again and Christmas and hopefully he can talk to some other local accounting types and get their advice.

Sarah and Joe both came home at Thanksgiving. It was great to have everyone here. We went up North to see Susan’s parents and everyone else in her family on Thanksgiving day and eat with my parents and sisterĀ on the Saturday after. Wow the food was great at both places. So great to see everyone and to give thanks for what we have.

2016-11-08-22-30-29I almost forgot the election. One of my best experiences this year was when I decided kind of a whim to go up to Oshkosh and attend the Ron Johnson victory party. I of course was not sure when I let if it was really going to be a victory party and I was a little afraid that it would be really sad if he didn’t win. I got up the nerve and I am glad I did. It was an amazing surprise to see him win and to have it called so early. Everyone was cheering and yelling. I texted Joe who was watching from Cleveland. He was watching from there. Remember he had worked for Senator Johnson this past summer.

2016-11-27-12-22-50Sarah is doing great at school. She got excepted into the Education department and this year is not only taking education classes but also getting back into Spanish which I think will help her in the future. After Thanksgiving we did stop downtown to see the play Elf. The story of Elf is one of Sarah’s favorites.

Drew and Marti are also staying busy around here. They are both are on the ski team. They have dry land practice now an in a couple weeks they will be on the hill. It snowed for the first time yesterday so we might even have snow for them this winter. They also got to go to a packers game a couple weeks ago. The packers lost but a great time was had by all. Drew also finished up the play Billy Elliott and had a great time in the pit.



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