Well we had an exciting Packers game last night. I was able to watch half of it at home and the other half at work after I dropped Drew off at ski practice. He has had two meets so far and is doing really well on the team. He is on JV currently and his times usually fall in the middle of that group of boys. He has never skied competitively so I am really happy for him. Marti our exchange student from Spain also is on the ski team and also having a great time. The weather has also been cooperative with only one extremely cold day.

Christmas was great of course. We had 30 some people here including Susan’s parents and my parents. Susan’s brother and their kids were also in town from Pittsburg. We had a great time. Joe has now gone back to college and left this past weekend. Sarah leaves next weekend and Marti has also moved on to his new family. Soon we will have just Drew to focus on and that will be a little easier and quieter. I almost forgot that we went up to Two rivers for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful meal with much of Susan’s family.

Susan has been busy at work and making occasional runs up North to check in on her parents. One thing I almost forgot was that just before all of the holidays kicked off we sprung a leak in our upstairs bathroom. That meant we needed to open up the ceiling in Drew’s room and the end result means that we will need to redo the master bath.

Meanwhile the horses are doing great. The weather has been cooperating for them also. The only thing that has not been going well is the furnace in barn. It froze up a couple times when the weather got really cold. Just the time you need heat. Anyway once it finally warms up we should be able to figure out what exactly the problem is.

The most interesting thing that happened horse wise is that I got a call from Trace’s owner. They are looking for another horse and were considering Madonna. Trace is doing great. They just love him, but they have a 5 year old that needsĀ  a horse and Madonna is so calm she would be perfect. I will keep you posted.

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