It has been so long since I did an update you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth. I finally got a chance to take a second and log on as Drew and Susan are vacationing in Florida for a couple days. Susan has a conference there later in the week so Drew left with her yesterday and will be back on Monday. I stayed here to work on my BarnCam taxes. I was out already last week to Reno for my day job so I didn’t want to leave again.

I think the most exciting thing around here is that we got our internet at the barn and at the house upgraded. What a difference it has made. You probably won’t notice much of a difference but we sure do. Spectrum has take oven our Time warner cable so we got lower prices and faster speeds. Drew is loving it for playing games.

The horses are all getting big and they are loving the warm weather we have had. Today is cold again, but tomorrow it is supposed to be 60 or so. After the long winter we have a little fence to fix and boards to replace but nothing too major. During the last warm streak Drew helped me fix some of it already but overall the fence is close to 20 years old at his point so there is always things to fix.

Sarah and Joe are doing great at college. Joe it sounds like will be able to graduate early if he wants to. He might decide to stay an extra semester and get his masters degree but he needs to find out all of the costs and scholarship opportunities first. Sarah is also doing great. I managed to see her at college a few weeks ago when Drew ski team and the state competition in Lacrosse, WI. It was great to see her. She is taking almost all education classes at this point and seems to really be linking it. She also loves all her current roommates which helps make college a lot more fun.

Susan and I have decided to take another cruise this summer with the kids. There are so few more years where the kids might be around we didn’t want to wait. We are planning to go to the Mediterranean. We of course will keep you posted as we get closer. Joe is looking for an internship in accounting this summer so that might screw things up for us, but hopefully not.

I also got promoted at my day job. I am a Human Resource Director now. I am really glad they recognized me for my work and I look forward to many more years there.

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