We have been so lucky here with the weather so far this year. Nice warm days and nights. Not really warm of course, but warm for Wisconsin. This is all going to change this week. The temps are diving down and soon I am sure there will be some snow. This is good for Drew however as he has again joined the ski team, and without snow, it would be a short season. His skis are all waxed and ready. The first race starts mid December.

All of the kids were home for Thanksgiving and we made the trek up to Susan’s brothers house for the dinner. Everyone was there except for Susan’s sister Cindy. She is here this week. Over thirty people including both of Susan’s parents who are 92 and 93. They were great to see and we picked them up from the assisted living center and made the short drive over. The food was great, and I got to talk to some of the people I have not seen for a while. Susan’s brother from Pittsburg and even my niece Rachel who took a new job with Amazon.

We did get to spend lots of time with Joe and Sarah also. We had not seen them for most of the semester. Sarah is growing up and talking more and more like a grown up. Putting things away after herself, studying, etc. She is student teaching now and really seems to be doing well. Joe is wrapping up his undergrad class and is doing well in his graduate classes and still looks to have his masters a year from now.

Susan and I are also staying busy. Susan has been doing some traveling locally for work. I have been working too, but without the travel. The BarnCam business is heating up and that along with my HR job keeps me busy. I need to get Drew driving but he is so busy. I think he needs two more behind the wheels.

This week I am excited to go to the Milwaukee house of corrections to do some mock job interviews with some of the people there. They are doing really interviews the next day as part of Ron Johnsons Joseph Project. It is a great project that helps get inner city people turned around and in good jobs. It is a win win for everyone.

Horses. Yes I did not forget about them. I have a bunch of new pictures I will be adding to the website. We just got an email from our friends in China. The rules have changed and we can now directly ship there. I am sending them pictures of our three gorgeous mares. Ariel, Madonna and Ivy. We will keep you posted.

Click here for my unedited photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mpkfdwchlpt1bax/AAA3_EJNT0pA6C1hR93d7lAJa?dl=0

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