It has been a while. I have no excuses other than a busy life. No busier than ever, I have to admit, but busy enough. Of course there was the holidays etc. Let me begin.

December. December was a great month. We had a great Christmas. Highlights included going out in the woods and actually chopping down our own tree. We picked a big one, but no so big as to have it fall over again this Christmas. That was the best present of all. We had all of the relatives over at Christmas except for Susan’s parents who we went to visit. They are 92 and 93. The kids were home from college and Joe and Sarah are really doing great. They both had straight A’s this semester and Sarah is loving student teaching. They did not stay long as Sarah had to get back for her college testing and Joe had to get back for being an RA.

January. Right before everyone left we got to go to one musical Waitress. It was really good, fabulous singers etc. Drew was again on the ski team and for those of you that aren’t on Facebook, I somehow became the official team photographer which means I need to climb up the hill each week and take photos during the race. Of course it is cold and you can’t really wear gloves and snap the picture, but the weather has cooperated pretty well. Drew also is still not driving so I need to be at the hill anyway so I might as well do something productive. We also sold Ivy in January. I nice couple from here in Wisconsin came to look at Derby but loved Ivy. It was perfect for us too as we had quite a few horses all which were started but not finished. They were experienced riders so Ivy will be perfect for them. We still have Derby, Ariel and Madonna all of which can be ridden but are not totally “finished”.

February. Unbelievably it is February already. Joe, Sarah and now Drew are all ready one year older. Sarah had her 21st birthday and  Drew had his golden 17th birthday. The last ski race is this week for Drew and Sarah and Joe are looking forward to summer. We have had a ton of rain, so much so that in the lowest areas of the pastures where flooded up to the top board. The horses do not seem to mind, but I am not sure how the boards will hold up once the water recedes. The highlight for me this winter  was getting to see a bald eagle. I will post a couple of those pictures here too and they are also on Facebook for those that might have missed them.

Thanks for watching,