I know I know it has been too long for the update. Things have been busy around here and those of you that watch my Facebook page know that we have been busy. Joe graduated college and has started his new internship at EY this summer. He was in Chicago last week for orientation and job itself starts tomorrow. He is staying with Uncle Steve the bee guy as he can then take the bus to work each day. Sarah is staying in Lacrosse this summer working at the children’s museum. She seems to enjoy it and I think she likes not having to be home. I went to go visit her a couple weeks ago and she seemed to be doing great. One more year of college for her can you believe it. Drew finished up his Junior year of high school. He had his last band concert of the year and wrapped everything up. He and Susan spent last week touring colleges out west. He saw a bunch of colleges in CA of which his favorite was Stanford. They also saw some colleges in Texas and there Drew liked Baylor.

Horse wise not much is new. We had someone come and look at Madonna, but the one day that they came, she was off and wasn’t moving totally right. Not sure what was going one as she was sound before that and has been good since, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Also around the farm we have done a lot of fence fixing and repairs after a very hard winter. Frankie our handyman spent a couple days here but doing nothing other than fixing fence. He also fixed up all the barn windows just in time for the Memorial Day weekend and Susan’s little work party. It was great to meet a bunch of new people and we got to test out a newest version of our Karaoke.

Thanks for watching and I will have more updates in the coming weeks.