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8 10, 2017

Fall is here

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Time sure flys while you are having fun. Our two oldest are back at college. They both are doing well this year. It is Joe’s last year as an undergrad and Sarah is student teaching. Drew is a junior in high school and in a couple of weeks will take his ACT test. They are all growing up.

Our two oldest call occasionally and don’t keep us updated as much as we would like. They both took a car to school this year and a couple weeks after that Joe was in a accident (no one was hurt), but let’s just say the car did not last in Ohio for long. Both Joe and Sarah need cars at college this year due to college activities so we quickly found another used one for Joe that hopefully will last him until he gets his first job. We really didn’t have money for another car as this summer we remodeled the middle bathroom and our front driveway, so we decided to sell Susan’s mustang. We hadn’t used it much and with Drew driving very soon we might actually need a car for Joe and one that Drew can drive too.

Drew meanwhile made the JV soccer team playing defense again and is in the high school pit band for the play. This years play is Cabaret and he hopefully will get to play my fathers accordion on a couple songs. We have just had the accordion which is 75 years old tuned up by a local repairmen (they have those here in Wisconsin). He is also still leading the band as a drum major and of course has his AP classes so he is really busy.

Susan and I are staying busy at work. We did get to spend a couple days in Vegas last month as we each had work meetings a couple days a part in the same city. It was a great time and before any of the recent events which might make you look over your shoulders.

Our parents, three of which are in their 90s are not doing all that well. Susan’s two parents needed to move into an assisted living facility after her mother became ill. My father meanwhile is getting a pacemaker next week to help keep his heart beating at the right pace. I never realized how hard it can get when you get old.

So finally I get to the horses. Actually with everything else going on, we have not done very much with them. I did update the website a little with the new coding so that the cameras still work. The downside is that now you can’t view them on your smart phone. There is one more fix I can do to make everything work, but I haven’t totally figured that out yet. Otherwise no new horses, no horses sold, three cuttings of nice hay and here comes fall again.


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16 07, 2017

Still Working

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Yes, yes, yes, we did not get lost on our trip, it has been sooo long since I have posted. I apologize. We have done a bunch of things since school let out for the big kids. Drew finished up his Sophomore year very strongly also and soon after that we went on a cruise to the Mediterranean. The cruise was great and we saw lots of sites. We went to Santorini, Athens Greece, Sicily, Kotor, Pompeii, and even Barcelona. We got so spend a day with Marty’s mother and she gave us a great tour of the city. I am always amazed how you can be half way around the world in only one day. The highlight of the cruise of course was Joe competing in the Voice competition on the Cruise. Many of you have already seen this on facebook, but I will post it here again for you.

I also went to a concert with uncle Steve in June that was a lot of fun. One of my favorite concerts “George Thorogood”. I had seen him almost every year when I was in high school so it was great to see him again as a 50 year old. We had great seats so I made some nice recordings. I also saw Paul Simon with my sister, and he was really good also.

Sarah has been back to Lacrosse a couple times this summer as she now has an apartment for next year. She is also going to have a car as she starts some classroom teaching this year and will need to get to class. Joe has not found a job yet this summer, but has an internship at Ernst and Young next summer so he has just spent a lot of time working around the farm. Drew has two summer school classes along with soccer and Weight lifting so he is busy too. He also had a STEM conference out in Boston for three days.

The horses are all doing well and I did make a couple videos the past couple of weeks for a lady in Michigan. She owns the horse Sport and was looking to get another horse by Zippy. She might be coming out next weekend. If she does I will let you know.


Our internet in the barn has been cutting in and out lately, but I think I finally got things figured out. I think a animal had chewed on some of the wires. Once I got them replaced everything was back up and running.

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20 05, 2017

Everyone’s Home

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I am so happy that the kids are both home from college. Although we say them a couple times through out the year, it is great to have them home for summer. They are both doing great at college and Joe only needs one more class to graduate. He is going to be staying and taking grade classes as he still have a scholarship  to use up. He actually just got another $1000 scholarship as part of the Accounting Fraternity. He was also elected President of his service fraternity for next semester. He is still involved in Orchestra and Choir and I have posted some of those on Facebook. Sarah is living off campus next year and starts teaching so she is pushing for a car to make it to the school each day.


Drew is also doing very well. He has been on the tennis team, participating in band and choir and also involved in the local Theatre on Main play so some days he has been busy from 6 am until 10pm without a break. He has done well in tennis and even played varsity one day and won two of his games. He will receive a varsity letter for that and he just received his scholar athlete award as a varsity athlete that is on high honors.

Susan and I have also been busy. We are currently in the process of redoing our middle bathroom. I did most of the work getting all of the old cleared out of there. It was amazing how much stuff there was. Tile, tub, walls. We filled a big giant dumpster to the rim. We next got everything framed out, but we are now waiting for a plumber to come and start roughing everything in. Plumbers have been hard to come by as the economy is good and they are all working. Susan had a couple big work conferences and brought some big name speakers.

The horses are starting to enjoy the nice weather. Ariel has an abscess and Randy and Gretel are helping to get that taken care of. They all got their vaccinations and are all set for summer. We had a big old tree fall down and we got it all cut up, but we still need to get all those chunks out of the pasture. There are a couple more trees that aren’t in the greatest shape so we will try to drop those also  and get them out of the pastures.

We had a great mothers day this year. I picked up Sarah and Joe from college and then on Sunday we went to Sunday brunch with the entre family and my parents. We then came home and mulched everything. Susan said it was a great mothers day gift. Monday we had a tennis team dinner and a work dinner for Susan. It turned out great. Everyone had a good time and we even sang some karaoke.

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