17 06, 2018

Still working

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I know I know it has been too long for the update. Things have been busy around here and those of you that watch my Facebook page know that we have been busy. Joe graduated college and has started his new internship at EY this summer. He was in Chicago last week for orientation and job itself starts tomorrow. He is staying with Uncle Steve the bee guy as he can then take the bus to work each day. Sarah is staying in Lacrosse this summer working at the children’s museum. She seems to enjoy it and I think she likes not having to be home. I went to go visit her a couple weeks ago and she seemed to be doing great. One more year of college for her can you believe it. Drew finished up his Junior year of high school. He had his last band concert of the year and wrapped everything up. He and Susan spent last week touring colleges out west. He saw a bunch of colleges in CA of which his favorite was Stanford. They also saw some colleges in Texas and there Drew liked Baylor.

Horse wise not much is new. We had someone come and look at Madonna, but the one day that they came, she was off and wasn’t moving totally right. Not sure what was going one as she was sound before that and has been good since, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Also around the farm we have done a lot of fence fixing and repairs after a very hard winter. Frankie our handyman spent a couple days here but doing nothing other than fixing fence. He also fixed up all the barn windows just in time for the Memorial Day weekend and Susan’s little work party. It was great to meet a bunch of new people and we got to test out a newest version of our Karaoke.

Thanks for watching and I will have more updates in the coming weeks.


21 04, 2018

Fast Times

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So many things have been going on. It is March was busy as we had Joe and Sarah home for Spring break. They are both doing great. Joe is getting ready for graduation and Sarah is rocking her teaching job in Lacrosse. It sounds like neither of them are going to be living here this summer as Joe will be in Milwaukee at his internship and Sarah is going to be working in Lacrosse at the children’s museum. Drew also might be gone as he is looking at an international program. So we might have an empty house. We did have some horrible news in March also as Susan’s mother passed away at the age of 92. She was a wonderful woman and she had a great life, full of great children and great food. She always was a great cooker. She was a special woman and we will miss her forever.

April started out with a bang. I chaperoned Drew’s trip to Disneyworld. His marching band was marching in the parade again. I couldn’t believe that it had been 4 years since I went with Joe. This time I didn’t get to take the instruments, but instead I rode the bus 24 hours each way with the high school kids. It was a really long bus ride, but the kids were great. It was an exhausting trip for sure, but a blast. The best part was having the band win the band competition and get a Golden Mickey and watching Drew lead the band as a drum major marching down main street of Magic kingdom.

You might have heard about the crazy weather we have been having. Snow in April, 60 degrees in March. The horses don’t seem to mind. We did have a hard winter overall. We had to replace our furnace in the barn and also the one in the house. The good news is that the new units are more efficient and so they are saving us money after all but they costs a ton to replace. Around the farm things are going well. We finished up all the hay in the big barn and we are now on to the big bales in the arena – back shoot area. That should last us a long while which is good as we are replanting the other half of our hay this summer (we did half last year), so we might have fewer bales this year. Randy helped get the manure pile all moved around in the low area and we finally got ride of the manure pile completely and everything is smoothed out. I have been wanting to do that forever but the weather was perfect this year to get it done. We did have one Zippy foal born this year. The foal was out of a mare we had bred before. I nice little POA mare that has had one foal prior to this one. He likes them so much that he is breeding her back again. The other horses are all doing great. They are muddy, but soon I will get pictures. You wont believe how big Derby is.


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20 02, 2018

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Ground Hogs Day, MLK Day and Presidents Day

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It has been a while. I have no excuses other than a busy life. No busier than ever, I have to admit, but busy enough. Of course there was the holidays etc. Let me begin.

December. December was a great month. We had a great Christmas. Highlights included going out in the woods and actually chopping down our own tree. We picked a big one, but no so big as to have it fall over again this Christmas. That was the best present of all. We had all of the relatives over at Christmas except for Susan’s parents who we went to visit. They are 92 and 93. The kids were home from college and Joe and Sarah are really doing great. They both had straight A’s this semester and Sarah is loving student teaching. They did not stay long as Sarah had to get back for her college testing and Joe had to get back for being an RA.

January. Right before everyone left we got to go to one musical Waitress. It was really good, fabulous singers etc. Drew was again on the ski team and for those of you that aren’t on Facebook, I somehow became the official team photographer which means I need to climb up the hill each week and take photos during the race. Of course it is cold and you can’t really wear gloves and snap the picture, but the weather has cooperated pretty well. Drew also is still not driving so I need to be at the hill anyway so I might as well do something productive. We also sold Ivy in January. I nice couple from here in Wisconsin came to look at Derby but loved Ivy. It was perfect for us too as we had quite a few horses all which were started but not finished. They were experienced riders so Ivy will be perfect for them. We still have Derby, Ariel and Madonna all of which can be ridden but are not totally “finished”.

February. Unbelievably it is February already. Joe, Sarah and now Drew are all ready one year older. Sarah had her 21st birthday and  Drew had his golden 17th birthday. The last ski race is this week for Drew and Sarah and Joe are looking forward to summer. We have had a ton of rain, so much so that in the lowest areas of the pastures where flooded up to the top board. The horses do not seem to mind, but I am not sure how the boards will hold up once the water recedes. The highlight for me this winter  was getting to see a bald eagle. I will post a couple of those pictures here too and they are also on Facebook for those that might have missed them.

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